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Most of the 202 203 devices feedback the informaton primarily to the conscious and thus then to the unconscious Bibliography of the patent cheap prometrium 100 mg with visa treatment lupus. Feedback of electro physiological processes are given as relaxaton signals to the patent cheap 100 mg prometrium visa medicine ball abs. Artcles and studies The patent is evaluated before and afer stmulaton to measure any evoked potental changes 1 buy discount prometrium 200mg online medicine cards. Full Spectrum Micronutrient Treatment of Bacteria (Homeopathic Treatment of Bacterial insight into the patent health. The variant wave forms are trivector (voltammetric signatures of the Acupuncture points, nosodes, 3. Homeopathic Stmulaton of White Blood Cell Motlity as Analyzed under the Microscope (A sarcodes, allersodes, etc. Provocatve allergy tests show how a patent reacts electro physiologically to an item. Therapies can then be arranged to develop harmonic reactons, desensitzatons, biological resonance or rectfcaton processes. Biofeedback is the operaton that allows for the cybernetc loop of systemic feedback. The loop of measured reacton and bio-varied resonance response allow for a true feedback for self correctve Electrophysioloigcal therapy. The device is designed to measure and mend the body electric stress through a cybernetc biofeedback loop. It is designed and registered to send in a volt ammetric electrical signal into the body, and then measure the reactvity or response to this signal. We measure the Volts, Amps, Oscillatons of Volts and Amps, the Skin Resistance to the input signal, the Skin Temperature, and then calculate some virtual mathematcal responses from the readings. All of this must happen at absolutely safe levels and adhere to stringent regulatory laws of the World government agencies. In other words we stmulate the body with a small safe electrical measure of the body electric, calculate the reacton, stmulate again, re measure, calculate, re stmulate, and on and on in a cybernetc biofeedback loop. Thus the simple use statement and claims are the device is designed for biofeedback stress detecton and stress reducton. The signals test homeopathic reactons to nosodes, sarcodes, allersodes, isodes, classical homeopathics, imponderables, hormones, enzymes, herbals, vitamins and other supplements. These reactons are not assuredly reliable, so please do not over react, but check any problem with more standard diagnostc means or refer to medical doctors who can. The studies have shown an Universal efectveness, but the efect is from the original claim: Stress Detecton (awareness) and Stress Reducton. But even though the results are highly signifcant there is not enough evidence or need to readjust the original use and claims. Even though Europe has allowed registraton of many more claims, humbly we stll maintain the simple, universal, unquestonable, and modest use and claim: 206 207 Stress Detecton and Stress Reducton. The next diagram relates the In the medicine of Hans Selye, it is seen that stressors are the paramount problem in health care. All diseases start with a stressor and thus Stress Detecton and Stress Reducton are truly early interventon health care. Do a behavioral assay of how the patent may be suppressing and or obstructng their own natural innate curatve process. To refer to the patent’s medical doctors, work with the system of medicine not to interfere with any doctors program. The ease is Then the body adapts, symptoms go away, but if the cause contnues the disease contnues. Hans Selye outlined a medical system were disease comes into the body as some Degeneraton awaits. So when our child is exposed to a stress (like a bacteria from The ability to restore or heal the body is based on how much life force the body has.

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Origin of Biomolecules “return fow” of charges from the -round to the strongly electronegatve cloud (a closed circuit is Only relatvely small amounts of organic compounds exist on the surface layers of the earth purchase prometrium 200mg amex medications quinapril. The fowing charges proliferaton of these organic compounds into biological structures frst led to the opinion that upward heat and expand the air which causes the thunder generic prometrium 200 mg mastercard medicine quotes. The fow in the circuit is maintained biomolecules probably have developed in ocean water purchase prometrium us symptoms retinal detachment. This represents a forceful oxidizing current which the early 1920s that the early atmosphere contained methane, ammonia. Collectons of electron acceptng molecules such as methane, ammonia, H, ,gas These -gaseous compounds exposed to radiant energy should lead to formaton of amino acids will thereby be “reducing the electrons of the step leader, which then leads to the observed which could precipitate into the ocean where they may have proliferated into larger biomolecules transiton of the compounds into amino-acids etc. Stll, the most favorable conditons for life exist water was necessary for the development of biological molecules. The proliferaton of these into larger molecules etc may therefore need a methane and hydrogen. This compartment also had electrodes between which electrical sparks complementary theory. Such a theory will be proposed, based on the principle of closed circuit could be produced. From the non-organic interactons of simple non-organic compounds and their proliferaton into biomolecules. Several other organic compounds such as formic, acetc, propionic and lactc acids were also found. Increase of Coincidental Contacts among Particles These important discoveries were published in 1953 but were met with critcism of various in Closed Circuit Electrical Channels in Sea-water hypothetcal factors such as heatng of the “soup” of components and how the right sequences Represents a Precursor Mechanism of “Selfproliferation” of proliferaton could have occurred in the sea as well as how the radiant energy was added to actvate the processes for each of the reactons. An important and Function prerequisite for Miller seems to have been the presence of methane, ammonia and hydrogen gas in water vapor which formed the “reducing atmosphere”. In this atmosphere, electric sparks were Afer erupton of submarine volcanos into the oceans, hot Java will gradually cool under formaton produced between electrodes. The lava contains collectons of gas products, which form cavites and stretch to Miller: “when you see the organic compounds dripping of the electrodes, there is litle room the hot lava which shows tubular channels. Conductve ionic loops form because the tubular ends are short-circuited by the surrounding saltwater. External moving- electromagnetc Some comments will here be presented concerning the experimental electric sparks in the felds in the atmosphere or the moton of salt water, producing electromagnetc felds, will induce “reducing atmosphere” of Orgel. The possibilites of “external” It is important to understand how a lightening in the atmosphere of the earth works. Each day, about 40,000 thunderstorms occur on earth producing more lightening Feynman (8) and will be partly described as follows: (8). It is estmated that there are about 100 lightening fashes per second worldwide with a peak Usually a large cloud with electronegatve botom and electropositve upper part is positoned in the actvity at 7:00 p. The earth is electronegatve in relaton to the electronegatve botom of the induces streaming potentals capable of inducing currents, logic “impurites” of the salt-water cloud. The fow of “ionic electricity” in biology requires Biology also leading to both structurings and functons. Recently it has been shown by Rebek Jr that molecules be the case for closed circuit fow of Chi. The superfcial meridians described are not followed-up crafed in the laboratory can also make replicas of themselves. This would help to We have no idea of where these energies come from and how the energetc characteristcs have explain the rapid development and functon of biological mater developed. Death and Life in the meaning of leading to proliferaton and regression can accordingly be ascribed non biological mater as well as biological mater. This process may have started as simple electrophoresis already in the primordial sea. In the Orient it is assumed that there exists a “Life force” called Chi, which also circulates. Our physical world and its functons are dominated by the changing characteristcs of jing-xue). Chi is involved with two factors (ofen considered as opposing) called Yin (associated the electromagnetc feld energy and its co-transported partcles at condensaton and expansion. Yin and Yang are related to the opposing charges, diferences of proliferaton and regression of non-biological mater as compared with biological 194 195 mater.

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It is square wave of constant period contains odd harmonics that fall of at −6 dB/ octave discount prometrium 200 mg mastercard treatment xerostomia. In alternatng current circuits purchase prometrium 200 mg without prescription medications similar to abilify, energy storage elements such as inductance and capacitance may • Sawtooth wave: 2 (t − foor(t)) − 1 discount prometrium 100 mg on line medications dictionary. Found ofen in tme bases result in periodic reversals of the directon of energy fow. It is used as the startng point for subtractve synthesis, as a sawtooth forms then negatve wave forms but always returning to 0 (zero) point. Other waveforms are ofen called composite waveforms and can ofen be described as a combinaton of a number of sinusoidal waves or other basis functons added together. Nikola Tesla (10 July 1856 – 7 January 1943) was an inventor and a mechanical and electrical engineer. Tesla is best known for many revolutonary contributons in the feld of electricity and magnetsm in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Contemporary biographers of Tesla have regarded him as "The Father of Physics", "The man who invented the twenteth century" and "the patron saint of modern electricity. Direct current is produced by such sources as bateries, thermocouples, solar cells, and commutator-type electric machines of the dynamo type. Direct current may fow in a conductor such as a wire, but can also be through semiconductors, insulators, or even through a vacuum as in electron or ion beams. Thomas Alva Edison (February 11, 1847 – October 18, 1931) was an American inventor and businessman who developed many devices that greatly infuenced life around the world, including the phonograph and the long-lastng, practcal electric light bulb. The frst commercial electric power transmission (developed by Thomas Edison in the late nineteenth century) used direct current. Because of the advantage of alternatng current over direct current in transforming and transmission, electric power distributon today is nearly all alternatng current. For applicatons requiring direct current, such as third rail power systems, alternatng current is distributed to a substaton, which utlizes a rectfer to convert the power to direct current. Electromagnetc potental Electromagnetsm is the physics of the electromagnetc feld: a feld which exerts a force on partcles that possess the property of electric charge, and is in turn afected by the presence and moton of those partcles. A changing magnetc feld produces an electric feld (this is the phenomenon of electromagnetc inducton, the basis of operaton for electrical generators, inducton motors, and transformers). Because of this interdependence of the electric and magnetc felds, it makes sense to consider them as a single coherent entty - the electromagnetc feld. The magnetc Devices are capable of measuring specifc frequencies from complex vibratons and are also able feld causes the magnetc force associated with magnets. The potental of momentum depends on the stored magnetc energy of the substance/object depending on the tme and distance (i. The theoretcal implicatons of electromagnetsm led to the development of special relatvity by Albert Einstein in 1905. Resonant Frequency (Resonance) Resonance is the ability to oscillate at maximum amplitudes in order to sustain a partcular frequency. Resonance was discovered by Galileo Galilei with his investgatons of pendulums beginning in 1602. Voltammetry Voltammetry is a category of electro-analytcal methods used in analytcal chemistry and various processes. Informaton about an analyte is obtained by measuring the current as the potental is varied. Most experiments control the potental (volts) of an electrode in contact with the analyte while measuring the resultng current (amps). The Nernst equaton is fundamental to voltammetry and can be used for a reversible reacton. This equaton represents the relatonship between concentraton, current, and potental. His achievements include improvements to the telescope and consequent astronomical observatons, and support • α = transfer coefcient for Copernicanism. Galileo has been called the "father of modern observatonal astronomy", the • A = area of the electrode "father of modern physics", the "father of science", and “the Father of Modern Science. Polarography is a specifc type of measurement that falls into the general category of linear-sweep voltammetry where the electrode potental is altered in a linear fashion from the inital potental to the fnal potental. As a linear sweep method controlled by convecton/difusion mass transport, the current vs.

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The following equations now hold for Ep and Ip: adsorption of species order prometrium line medicine 54 543, such as metals or ions buy prometrium 200mg lowest price symptoms thyroid cancer, is classified as non-Faradaic prometrium 100mg sale symptoms 7 days after ovulation. This behaviour is observed when the sweep rate is sufficiently low to avoid depletion   of the reactant at the electrode surface (concentration polarisation). At difference in potential between the anodic and cathodic peak currents, as a function of the equilibrium, the rate of reaction is: sweep rate. Impurity levels can be estimated by, for example, where E is the electrode potential and ∆G (ads) is the Gibbs energy of adsorption in the absence of an electric field. Thus, the adsorption constant may be expressed as: calculating the decrease in charge associated with the hydrogen adsorption region and −∆G comparing the value with the theoretical value associated with that particular crystal surface. Polarisable and non-Polarisable Interfaces But at constant temperature: o  -G∆ (ads)  All electrode-solution interfaces can be classified as polarisable or non-polarisable. It can be inferred from this that a small change in the electrode If an interaction exists between adsorbed species on the electrode surface then the peak potential produces a large change in current flow. Attractive lateral interactions narrow the peak with an is a non-polarisable interface. In contrast, when the transfer of electrons is difficult, a increase in magnitude while repulsive lateral interactions broaden and lower the intensity of potential change from outside will induce a substantial build-up of excess charges at the the peak. When a potential is applied externally to the electrode, the transfer of electrons   Z+ exp A θ  K ′exp M (2. That is, a small change in current flow causes a large change in electrode potential. An ideally polarisable interface is one which can allow the  1  where exp Aθ −  is the van der Waals term for adlayer interactions, with A 2 passage of current without causing a change in the potential difference across it. With the development of highly sensitive equipment to detect very low currents flowing at -2 In addition, when the current associated with charging the electrode-electrolyte interface the working electrode (< 1 µA cm ), adsorbate coverages of < 5% of a monolayer can be arises purely from capacitive effects, such an interface is termed an ideally polarisable determined. While no real electrode behaves ideally over the entire potential range, The success of the method in determining adsorbate coverages is critically dependent on some electrode-solution systems, over limited potential ranges, can show behaviour which is knowing precisely the number of electrons transferred per adsorbate molecule. At very 54 55 125 126 positive potentials the mercury is able to oxidise in a charge transfer reaction leading to depolarisation [3]: − 1 Hg + Cl  → Hg2Cl2+ e (at ∼ + 0. Electrode Charge The electrode charge is defined as the amount of electricity to be supplied to an electrode when its surface area increases by unity with the concentration of solution components remaining constant [10]. Charge transfer reactions occurring at clean or surface-modified platinum single crystal surfaces in aqueous media may be understood in terms of various models (Helmholtz, Gouy- Chapman, Stern, Grahame, Bockris Devanathan and Muller) of the electrode-solution interface. These models, which have been developed in order to establish the distribution of various particles (ions, electrons, and solvent molecules) and the effect on these particles of an applied potential, are set out in standard texts [11-19]. Total charge may be determined by measurement of the amount of electricity flowing in an external circuit when the electrode surface area increases by unity at constant potential. In this method, no charge must arise on the electrode surface from interaction with oxidants or reductants present in solution and the concentrations of all adsorbed species must be kept constant. The charge on an electrode surface is crucial in determining the rate of electron transfer and R=0 α > R > 0 the arrangement of monolayer, dipoles and neutral molecules within the double layer. It has been shown by Frumkin [20,21] and others [22,23] that there exists a unique electrode potential at which the free substrate charge on the metal side of the double layer is zero. Penciner, Interfacial Chemistry: An Experimental the orientation of solvent dipoles, and K is a constant due to the potential drop at the Approach, Addison-Wesley, U. Faulkner, Electrochemical Methods, Fundamentals and Applications, electrode is used). For metals, such as platinum, which give rise to strong chemisorption, this equation does not 4. Brett, Electrochemistry: Principles Methods and Applications, apply and an alternative definition in this case has been given by Frumkin [25]. Khan, Surface Electrochemistry: A Molecular Level Approach, Plenum In relation to the present study, it should be noted that the singular voltammetric responses of Press, New York and London 1993. For sp-metals such as gold and silver, Eσ = 0 may be readily measured using capacitance 8.

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Late morning fatigue is usually a sign of cortisol mal-adaptation rather than output buy prometrium visa symptoms 8 months pregnant. It is therefore of paramount importance to take a detailed history and follow the symptoms to the root cause to avoid prescribing the wrong therapy buy generic prometrium on-line symptoms jaw bone cancer. Sleep onset insomnia (inability to fall asleep) can be indicative of sympathetic overtone or excessive cortisol order prometrium online medicine keflex. Sleep maintenance insomnia (waking up in the middle of the night) usually points to some form of metabolic dysregulation in addition to cortisol regulation issues. Because most people present multiple symptoms, the clinical picture can be very convoluted and confusing. If one presents good morning energy but late afternoon fatigue, focus should be placed on normalizing the afternoon low by modulating blood sugar level as a priority rather than simply administering steroid or stimulating compounds to prop up the energy level at that time. Without proper normalization, the body will be struggling every day to maintain homeostasis. It is unlikely able to enter the honeymoon phase with vigor and recovery will be delayed or failed. The judicious use of nutritional supplements based and their continuous adjustments throughout the recovery phase is a key component to any successful program. As the body condition changes, the dosage, delivery system and timing of nutrients need to be changed in order to give the body maximum support without triggering crashes. There may be a prolonged period of stabilization without significant improvement, or there may be a time where the body tends to reset and behave erratically to supplement what was helpful before. Sometimes the resetting period may be accompanied by unexpected sudden exaggerated and positive responses. Learning to identify this resetting time and taking advantage of it by titrating nutrient dosage is more of an art and not a science. The adrenal recovery curve is not a linear event with straight up improvements, but a step-up progression. The goal of a successful recovery program is to elicit small incremental and steady improvements resembling multiple stair steps going up over time without crashes. While nutrients are used to affect a higher energy state and repair previously dysfunctional systems, they can also take a toll on the body during the repair process. Energy is needed to process nutrients as well as to metabolize breakdown products so that it can be excreted from the body without toxic building up. After each incremental improvement, time needs to be allotted for the body to rest and regroup to get ready for the next climb up. Making a conscious effort to force the body to rest in order to build up its healing reserve is a sign of clinical excellence. It is important to allow the body rest, as this is one of the best ways to reduce risk of follow up crashes. Results of these challenges will help the clinician formulate the right dosage, delivery system, timing and intensity of nutrients, dietary recommendations, lifestyle modifications, and exercise programs. Challenges are therefore, a very important part of the overall recovery strategy planning process. Each adrenal crash is undesirable, as it requires many more times the energy to recover. Those with advance Adrenal Fatigue or weak constitutions simply cannot afford any crashes at all. The worse recovery pattern possible is the fast recovery followed by many rolling crashes. This can be achieved by giving the body extra supports so that its marginal reserve is increased. Speed of recovery takes a second seat compared to the assurance of steady recovery. The weaker the constitution and the more advanced the stage of adrenals are, the more important this becomes. The key to balancing the increase of energy to avoid follow-up crashes rests largely on the dosage and delivery system of nutrients. Too big a dose can increase the energy and recovery speed, but it carries a higher risk of adrenal crash as the body can be compromised. Multiple crashes over time are a sign of poor recovery and should be avoided at all cost.

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